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Forgefix - Cold Forging TOOL (AIR)

Forgefix Tool in action

What is FORGEfix?

Pneumatic cold forging system Machine-Hammer-Peening (MHP)

Pneumatically operated tool with a oscillating hammer head for mechanical surface treatment of functional surfaces

Why FORGEfix?

  • Smoothing | Structuring | Finishing of milled surfaces - Surface roughness Ra is optimized by 2 to 20 times (Ra < 0,05μm)
  • Strain/cold hardening of surface - Surface Hardness increased by up to 30%
  • Optimization of residual stress distribution
  • Reduction of manual process time - Manual polishing time reduced by 60% and 80% to 100% manual process can be automated+Save
  • Increase in efficiency at maximum reproducibility +Competitiveness

Cold forging is a superior method of surface treatment when compared to other known methods such as shot blasting, form grinding, deep rolling or laser polishing.

Cold forging has benefits than all other methods

  • Reduction in tool maintenance: Machine smoothing significantly reduces the high time and cost outlay of manual surface finishing in tool- and mold-making.
  • COMBINATION OF STRUCTURING AND STRAIN HARDENING CREATES FUNCTIONAL SURFACE, customized structures can be created, such as lubrication pockets which helps to improve friction properties or reduction of the contact area by elevation of the surface to reduce wear
  • Increased surface hardening through cold solidification reduces wear not only on forming tools, but also on all types of metallic bearings and guides.
  • Increased tool life: Optimized distribution of residual stress prevents the formation of cracks on components subject to variations in stress, thus increasing their service life.
  • Relief from health hazards due to fine particles in manual polishing

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