Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Kinematics analysis and other engineering techniques are key to optimizing a mechanical design. NESTech has the experience to design and execute the complete workflow for engineering analysis.

  • Structural /Thermal
  • Modal/Vibration
  • Dynamic/Kinematics
  • FEM Mesh generation

We focus on identifying the problems and optimizing the product design. We provide solutions in the following areas based on the design study.

  • Design Validation
  • Identify the weak spots
  • Field failure solutions
  • Design Optimization

We offer services to help our customers design, simulate, analyze and virtually prototype their products and reduce the need for physical prototypes, thus reducing cost and time in the development cycle.

Range of services offered:

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Mechanism/Dynamic Analysis
  • Design Optimization
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Durability and Fatigue Analysis
  • Crash Analysis
  • Structural /Thermal
  • Modal/Vibration
  • Dynamic/Kinematics
  • FEM Mesh generation

Projects Executed


  • Finite Element Analysis
  • ADAMS/ Motorcycle development for a leading Japanese manufacturer
  • Development of Automatic mass adjustment macros
  • Belt simulation speed improvement investigation for a leading Japanese automotive company
  • Full vehicle modeling and handling analyses for a leading Indian automotive manufacturer for their
  • sports-utility vehicle.
  • Development of Test rig for Pavement crash test project, macros for frictions in joints.
  • Leading CV OEM, India Analyze flexible truck chassis for fatigue life predication
  • Analyze effect of chassis design modification on driver comfort.
  • Leading Tractor OEM, India
  • Steering mechanism, 3 point linkage, clutch effort, fatigue life
  • Crank shaft balancing
  • Elastokinematic studies of passenger car suspension for an European automotive customer
  • UDE development and analyses of engine model for a two-wheeler manufacturer’s bearing development project.
  • Developed templates and implementation routines
  • Dynamics Analysis of a dump truck mechanism
  • Road noise vibration analysis of car suspension subsystem
Dynamic Stress and Position & Draft Mechanism

FEA / Vibration/ CFD

  • Weight reduction of automobile chassis.
  • Static and Natural frequency Analysis of a Truck Chassis.
  • Non-linear Analysis of Shock Absorber of a leading Shock absorber Manufacturer.
  • Design and Analysis of a Vaporizer Component of Engine manufacturer.
  • Design of engine mounts, modification in chassis to reduce noise & vibration.
  • Weight optimization of connecting rod & crankshaft to reduce engine vibration
  • Design of crankcases for low noise & improvement in noise quality.
  • Design & development of Exhaust Mufflers.
  • Meshing for side impact analysis for passenger car
  • Meshing for Exhaust Manifold for passenger vehicles
  • Analysis of Hydraulic circuit for agricultural Tractor application
  • Transient Heat transfer analysis and couple field stress analysis of Turbo-charger
  • "A" Pillar Meshing using Patran and Rigidity analysis
  • MNF creation for passenger car sub frame
Dynamic Stress and Position & Draft Mechanism


  • Fatigue life prediction after modification in floor reinforcement.
  • Fatigue life prediction of tractor components for a leading tractor manufacturer in India.
  • Fatigue Life Prediction of brake components of leading brake manufacturer
Fatigue Analysis of a TransmissionCase

Reverse Engineering

  • Reconstruction of Tools and Dyes for a leading USA automotive company
  • Recreating CAD models from Legacy CAD data and physical parts for a leading automotive company
  • Computer aided inspection of surfaces for a leading aerospace company
  • Class A surfacing for many leading automotive OEM's
  • Seat and accessories designs for many leading Tier 1 suppliers


  • Full coach model & validation, results with the oscillograph results in the field
  • Comfort indices calculation (Sperling Ride Index)
  • Crash Analysis of rail coach as per IR standards
Truck design performance evaluation
Dynamic Behavior of Container Flat

Machinery & White Goods

  • Dynamics Analysis of a complete machinery of pick and place mechanism
  • Dynamics Analysis of a nipper assembly for a leading Textile Machine manufacturer
  • Modeling and analyses for switchgear mechanism
  • Certification of defense equipment for shock response
  • Design and Analysis of a Robotic Force Sensor using FEA
  • Finite Element modeling and analysis of hermitically sealed compressor component
  • Parametric modeling and analysis for structural optimization of washing machine tub
  • Finite Element analysis for Critical speeds of motor shafts using FEA
  • Structural analysis using FEA for components used in tire curing machine
  • Complete Stress and Modal Analysis of Air compressor for customer
  • Stress analysis of complete skid for a leading Cement Manufacturer
  • Design and Analysis of a Vaporizer Component of Engine manufacturer
  • Optimization of support locations for antenna under dynamic loading conditions
  • FE Modeling and Torsional load analysis of turbine shaft of variable speed device.
Dynamic Stress and Position & Draft Mechanism
Please Note: NESTech works with partner companies for select software or simulation services.