Conceptual engineering is an important phase of the development process, in which rapid idea capture is paramount. Conceptual design is the explicit construction of ideas or concepts to visualize a product and for alternative designs to evolve.  NESTech will take your product from Concept to Reality. Based on customer specifications, we will evaluate numerous concepts and develop the one that best fits the needs. Product Cost, Time to Market and Product Quality are our primary concerns. Our concept design process encompasses digital visualization with 3D layout for packaging studies. While we design we will take care of the down steam applications like simulation, tool design and manufacturing.

Project Support and Process Automation

NESTech will assist you in any stage of your project. When you work with us, we become an integral part of your team and are fully committed to meeting your project goals and delivery schedules. Our services include model generation, production drawing creation, Tooling, simulation and manufacturing.

We understand that our customers always want to develop efficient methods to reduce the product design cycle time. We help companies automate their design processes through the creation of "Template" parts and assemblies, which reduces the product design cycle considerably. NESTech will also develop "best practices" and process documentation to help automate the creation of similar products.

NESTech engineers have the experience, background and tools to help you convert your ideas into real products.


Development of automatic doors, door mechanisms and Stepper assemblies based on the concepts supplied by the customer. NESTech has executed several projects in this line for high speed trains, trams and buses. The door configuration includes single or dual door with or without stepper assembly.
Development of Spindle stock assembly for universal milling machine with improved design and speed. NESTech has executed several projects in this line, implementing the design changes in various sizes and configurations of universal milling machines.
Development of Child trolley assembly for German based customer