Your virtual Design Office

NESTech has vast experience in handling casting part modelling in various CAD Systems and handling very large assemblies.

Over the time, we have carried out various projects in this field and refined the process. Based on the customer requirement or by using customer suggested methodologies, we can effectively create 3D Models of the complex casting parts.

We offer three distinct models for project execution.

1. Offshore Model :

Complete project execution is done offshore. Two shift operation is followed to reduce design cycle time.

An Offshore Development Center (ODC) which is fully dedicated to customer requirements may be formed. We have infrastructure to create and operate several ODCís at a time. Dedicated resources and facilities are provided to ODC to facilitate project execution. ODC team consists of professionals with excellent know-how on CAD/CAM/CAE technology required to cater to various engineering needs.

2. Onsite-Offshore Model : Virtual Factory:

Proven Cost Effective Solution->  ON-SITE + OFF-SITE COMBINATION

Virtual factory is one of NESTech's solutions that gives you access to a Virtual design group consisting of an integrated design team: an on-site project coordinator, teamed with an off-site supporting design team.This model eliminates the time consumed for re-work, reviews because of continuous interaction of an onsite coordinator with the customer and project execution team

Benefits you receive from Virtual Factory are:

  • Significant reductions in cost and timeline
  • Take advantage of 11 hours time difference between India and USA, or 5 hours with Europe.
  • Access to highly skilled engineers who can utilize the full power of CAD application
  • An efficient and economic communication process through the liaison on-site engineer who handles the communication task and the management of the off-site support design team in India.
  • Take advantage of low cost but highly qualified off-site team in India.
  • Outsourcing of difficult or time-consuming engineering tasks while maintaining control of the design phases and core engineering decisions

3. Onsite Model :

In this model complete project execution is done at an onsite location of the clientís preference. A dedicated project execution team is assigned onsite to meet customerís requirements. Onsite team interacts closely with the customer.

Projects Executed

  • Design and Development of Electrical Wiring Harness design, Wiring Harness Schematic, 3Drouting, form board design, wiring harness group drawings etc devlopment as virtual extended design office to US based material handling equipment manufacturer
  • Design and Development of Automatic doors for Austria based company
  • Supporting USA based client in PLM customization and development and support servcies
  • Acting as a virtual extended design office for an Italy based company who are manufacturer of heat exchanger
  • Acting as a virtual extended design office for an UK based company who are manufacturer enablement system