NESTech has vast experience in handling casting part modelling in various CAD Systems and handling very large assemblies.

Over the time, we have carried out various projects in this field and refined the process. Based on the customer requirement or by using customer suggested methodologies, we can effectively create 3D Models of the complex casting parts.

We have explained one of the commonly used method as follow;

In this method, the complex model is divided into small portions. Generally divided into small portions similar to mold or pattern split including cores. A part-control-assembly brings the parametric relationship among parts. Actual manufacturing of casting part is simulated, drafts and rounds are given all parts including cores and pattern parts, any serious change in thickness due to draft requirement, can be detected early.

  • Faster Regeneration: Models are split into small portions, hence contains less features in each part.
  • Time Reduction: This procedure allows multiple people to work on the same complex component simultaneously.
  • Model can be completed much faster than normal procedure.
  • Many modeling difficulties can be solved using surface method and proper model split.
  • Part or drawing file can be opened independently. Assembly needs not to be in memory.
  • Final casting/finish part size is small. Faster regeneration in assembly.

Projects Executed

  • Development of important casting parts of agritech / farming equioments / tractors in this method
  • Development of casting parts of ship engine parts using this method
  • Resolved the problems faced in pattern and cores of a complex casting by simulating the manufacturing process in CAD.
  • Development and correction of Top Vehicle Assemblies (TVA) with different functional divisions, for a material handling equipment manufacturer in USA
  • Top-Down design for the entire Machine Tool
  • Development of Wiring Harness Design (WHD), schematic, 3D routing, group drawing for the engine and entire material handling equipments
  • Live project in the development of complex casting parts related to machining centers
  • Piping modelling for Ship engine


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