CAD/CAM software packages offer very versatile and generic capabilities that can be reasonably used "out-of-the-box" by most users. However, customization of software functionality can significantly boost productivity of the design office, while improving compliance with company standards and practices. NESTech can expand the capabilities of the "standard" CAD software packages by writing program code, including integrating custom applications with basic package.

Design Automation of

  • customer and order related drawings.
  • product selection.
  • generation of design variants.
  • base driven designs.
  • combining design calculations and 3D modeling.
  • special part libraries

Today CAD software offer abandon possibility of automation and customization. The extent automation achieved can be explained by a typical example.

Samples of Customization & Automation Projects

Development of Glue Blender assembly with a layout to control various size and options for automatic generation various components in the assembly along with production quality drawings
Development of feeder assembly for a wooden panel manufacturing machinery. The configuration of the assembly is controlled by a layout design.
Development of camshaft 3D model (Assembly) and production quality drawings based on the input values from a layout table.