MOLDEX3D SERVICES FOR Plastic Injection Molding

NESTech is an authorized Moldex3D Solution & Services Partner in India

Simulation technology has the ability to help optimize parts designs, predict mold performance and validate our decisions. With simulation-driven best practices we can tackle the most complicated jobs -and do them while facing the pressures of overly-aggressive schedules and scarce resources. It can also help achieve business objectives by avoiding costly mistakes that result in inaccurate quotes, incorrectly estimated cycle times, errors in prodcution, wasted material, as well as process inefficiencies

(Article from: MoldMaking technology, Aaron Frankel, Marketing from Siemens PLM)

Moldex Services

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1. 3D CAD Files (IGES or STEP Format)

  • Gate Type
  • Mold Dimension
  • Runner Layout
  • Cooling Line Layout
  • Others..

2. Material - Polymer

  • Supplier
  • Trade Name
  • Polymer Name
  • Fiber Ratio

3. Machine Specification

  • Clamping Tonnage

4. Process Condition

  • Injection Time
  • Packing Time
  • Cooling Time
  • Cycle Time